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Psychologist Session


"Therapy is more than sitting on a couch and talking with someone about your problems."

Therapy is about a readiness to make a change no matter where you start. Change can begin with accepting you need a listening ear to hear your exhausting and overwhelming feelings. Change can be acknowledging you need help with managing your ruminating, anxious thoughts. Change can be realizing a relationship has reached an end and that you cannot make a fresh start on your own. Building a trusting relationship with a licensed mental health professional can lead to you sorting through your reasons for seeking therapy. You and your therapist will create a therapeutic alliance by building rapport and collaborating to develop a treatment plan and treatment goals tailored to your desired change. Throughout your therapy journey, your therapist will walk alongside you until your desired change has manifested.

Let us start that walk today!

Please Note:

All services are held virtually using a secure HIPPA-compliant Telehealth Portal.

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